About Therapy

Psychotherapy is a safe, non-judgmental place where you can explore the depths of your internal experience, emotions, thoughts and sensations, with compassion and curiosity. It can be so difficult to navigate through life successfully and often we can feel powerless, stuck and confused. I know how painful this is, I understand how tired, hopeless and alone one can feel. I provide a place where you can have someone be present with you as you go through your healing process…

Some of the struggles I can help women with are:

  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACoping with chronic illnesses
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Symptoms of trauma/Loss & Grief
  • Issues around Sexuality and Sexual Orientation
  • Relationship/Communication difficulties
  • Eating Disorders/Addictive tendencies
  • Financial Stress

How I work with Couples:

  • Educate the couple on communication skills, range of feelings and the trauma response of “getting triggered”.
  • Model empathy through having compassion and understanding for each member of the couple when they are “triggered” or upset (sad, disappointed, angry, etc.) and thus teaching them how to do the same for one another.
  • Assist the couple in breaking trauma patterns with somatic interventions, so that they can respond rather than react.
  • Facilitate the couple in identifying and expressing their individual needs, wants and values, while at the same time helping them cultivate acceptance for their partner’s differences.

My Approach:

As a therapist, I bring both my love for and extensive training in Somatic Psychology to my work. In addition to providing talk therapy to my clients, I offer them concrete tools and skills to make better choices in their lives,  I also encourage them to gain awareness of their bodily experience as an effective tool for more deeply experiencing, understanding and resourcing themselves. I help nurture the Mind/Body connection through the use of talking, body awareness, visualization, role-playing and more, depending on the comfort of the client.

I believe in caring for my clients and shepherding their healing with my warm heart, presence, compassion and curiosity. I provide my clients with a safe environment where they can explore all of who they are. Life can be so hard sometimes. When it is, I help guide my clients through the vast sea of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors to find clarity, innate wisdom and compassion for themselves. This is the foundation for them making sustainable changes in their lives. At times, my role as therapist to my clients can be as simple as a cheerleader, encouraging them on their journey of personal growth or a reflective witness to their personal process. Then there are times I am more active and engaging in order to assist my clients to have greater self-understanding so that they can make healthier, more conscious choices.

Some of my approaches are Somatic, Relational, Cognitive-Behavioral or Psycho-Dynamic, depending on the needs of the client.


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